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Pedro's Tool Station - Public Bike Repair Station

Pedro's Tool Station - Public Bike Repair Station
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Pedro's Tool Station includes 13 professional-quality Pedro's tools covering a wide array of common repairs and adjustments. Designed for public use, all tools are permanently tethered to the steel back panel with extra-long stainless steel cables. The tools are stored in our Burrito Tool Wrap with a protective weather-resistant flap. Three spare cables and crimp sets are included and can be used to add extra tools, a floor pump, or to facilitate replacement of tools if necessary. The Tool Station also features 4 mounting holes which are keyhole shaped to allow easy removal and re-installation if desired. Additionally, the central mounting holes are spaced to fit standard steel sign posts if a free-standing setup is preferred.

- 6-Pack Chain Tool - Chain Tool and three-way spoke wrench (includes 2 Spare Pin/Screws)
- Folding Hex Wrench Set - 1.5-6mm sizes
- Pro T/L Hex Wrench - 8mm
- Y Wrench-T10,T25,T30 sizes
- Tire Levers - Yellow Pair
- Pro Pedal Wrench
- #2 Phillips Screwdriver
- 5.5mm Flat Blade Screwdriver
- Toothbrush - Drivetrain brush Chain Checker Plus - Chain wear check tool, chain hook tool, and chainring nut wrench
- Adjustable Wrench-10"
- Trixie - 8, 9, 10, 15mm Box, Bottle, Cog Lockring