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Our all-road titanium road bike has just gone ULTRA. After 4 years of stories and adventures, we've updated our Belgie Spirit and renamed it the Belgie ULTRA. Meticulously designed and finely crafted for all-road Australian ultra-endurance riding. The ULTRA can tackle cobbles and light gravel with confidence, helped by wider tyre clearance and a lengthened wheelbase. You’ll soon discover your spirit of adventure with this titanium all-round all-roader. 

Curve's rich history was founded upon adventure cycling, and our bikes are often designed with a specific purpose or adventure in mind. 

After Jesse’s success in winning the 2015 Trans Am Bike Race, we wanted to take the Belgie name further and capture the spirit of Australian endurance cycling, so we designed the Belgie Spirit to take on the 5,545km Indian Pacific Wheel Race and celebrate the rich history of the Overlanders from the 1890’s. 

Released in 2016, the Spirit was optimised for long days in the saddle on all types of road. It’s been enjoyed by ultra-endurance cyclists, commuters, roadies, randonneurs and ordinary cyclists looking for a comfortable high-end road bike.

Over the years this bike has seen many adventures, more than we can possibly recount without signing a book deal. So with our accumulated knowledge and experience, we decided to refine and tweak the Spirit into a better version of itself, which we now call the... ULTRA


Titanium Curve Belgie ULTRA

1636 g for a size 56 (Belgie V3 1630 g)

Fork Curve 700c Road Disc
Headset Curve Integrated 42/52cmm semi-internal
Seat Clamp Curve Alloy 31.8mm
Bento Box Mounts on top tube are placed 64mm apart. (76mm from of the outer diameter of the headtube)

Curve Cocky Headbadge
12mm Front & Rear Axles