Curve Belgie V3 (Preorder)

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Our lightest, most versatile Belgie yet. Built to go fast, and now with more tyre clearance. 

The Belgie is affectionately named after Melbourne's infamous "Belgie Ride,” a short, sharp, mixed terrain shop ride that often resembles a CX race rather than a road ride.

In 2015, the Belgie was introduced to the world when Jesse Carlsson raced across the US, winning the 6,800 km Trans Am Bike Race by over 500 km.

Since then, the Belgie has won crits, raced nationals, and is the bike chosen by legendary Belgian Kristof Allegaert, arguably one of the world's fastest endurance cyclists.

The Belgie V3 is a combined version of the original Belgie and our Belgie Air based on feedback and real-life testing.


Titanium Curve Belgie V3

1630 g for a size 56 (Belgie Ultra: 1636 g)

Fork Curve 700c Road Disc
Headset Curve Integrated 42/52 mm semi-internal
Seatpost Diameter 27.2 mm
Seat Clamp Curve Alloy 31.8 mm

Curve Cocky Headbadge
Band-on Front Derailleur Mount
12mm Front & Rear Axles