Curve GMX+ Frameset (Preorder)

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The GMX+ is Curve's ultimate titanium bikepacking bike. Built for any off-road adventure, the GMX+ can accommodate up to 3.0" tyres and has multiple mounting points to carry water or extra gear for those longer adventures.

The GMX+ is inspired by the intrepid Overlanders of the 1890s, who covered incredible distances without support across the harsh Australian outback. We have designed a bike that can do the same, but with much more ease using today's modern technology. The GMX+ is an adventure bike designed with wider tyre clearance thanks to our innovative carbon fork, ultra-wide drop bars for stability, and numerous mounting points for storage or water.

Tested in real-life conditions, the original GMX was designed for Race to the Rock, a harsh, remote desert race in Australia. With testing came improvements to the bike geometry and fork clearance, and so the GMX+ was born.

In recent years, the GMX+ has taken on some of the most challenging races worldwide, including Tour Divide, Silk Road Mountain Race, and Race to the Rock.


Titanium Curve GMX+
7x cage mounts
Rear rack mounts
Clearance max 3.0" tyres

1x drivetrain compatibility only

Fork: Carbon construction
Stainless steel hardware
Non-suspension corrected
12 x M5 mounts (6 per side)
430 mm axle to crown
55 mm offset
15 x 110 mm axle spacing
180 mm direct post mount brake
1.5" tapered steerer
Curve Headset: 44/56mm Zero-Stack
Curve Alloy Seat clamp: 34.9 mm
Other: Curve Cocky headbadge
Carbon expander
15 x 110 mm front axle
12 x 148 mm rear axle
Bolt-on cable guides