Dynaplug Megaplug Tubeless Plugs

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  • The Megaplug is for Dynaplug Racer, Megaplugger and Megapill tools only.
  • When needed, just remove whatever caused the puncture, firmly push the tool’s novel insertion tube straight (without twisting) into the hole and extract the tool depositing the repair plug in the tire, done! Used in the tread, sidewalls and along the rim.
  • Store these sticky plugs in the PVC tray packaging or in the SS insertion tube! Rolling in wax paper also can work.
  • If a single plug is not enough to seal a hole, just fold the ‘tail’ flat on the tire; hold it with your finger and stick another one in there! Add as many plugs as needed, folding each tail against the tire as you insert plugs. A plug tail can be snipped off later if it bothers you; trim to about 4mm long depending on the location! You can add the standard plug alongside as well.
  • Dynaplug is a US company based in Chico, California. Made with pride in the USA