Salsa Allternator Rear Rack 170/177
Salsa Alternator Rear Rack

Salsa Alternator Rear Rack


If you’ve got a bike that can accommodate a rear rack, you should have one. Whether you keep it on your bike all the time or you adjust it to fit and add it to your always-ready-to-go gear pile, a rear rack makes for a more versatile bike. Throw panniers on the sides, strap a sleeping bag on top, or tie down a bundle of firewood after you’ve set up camp. It’s surprising how many hassles are all but eliminated with a rack out back.

Our Alternator Racks are crafted of rugged 6061-T6 aluminum tubes and are designed to work perfectly with your Alternator Dropout equipped Salsa frame. We offer three versions to fit 135mm, 170mm, or 190mm rear axle spacing.

Blackborow riders take note! The Alternator 190 Rack is now in stock!

We designed the Alternator Rack and the mounting hardware to become “one with the bike”. A solid connection means your load is less likely to adversely affect the way your bike handles even up to the 15kg/33lb weight limit. The struts are stout and the highly adjustable attachment hardware makes them stay put once positioned. The height from axle to deck keeps weight low and increases stability. Standing up to climb, and immediately sitting back down while you say, “WHOA!” outloud will be a thing of the past. All these things make for better riding and exploring.

Alternator Rack Features:

• Designed specifically for Alternator Dropout-equipped Salsa bikes
• 135mm and 190mm rear axle spacing versions
• 135 x 325mm cupped deck
• Mounting kit includes extra long struts for improved range of fit in straight and shaped (kinked) struts options
• Large pannier hook stops
• Black powdercoat finish

For the best fit, keep in mind that all three rack widths require 320mm of clearance from the seatstay mounting points.